I grew up on a South African sugar cane farm in Zululand, part of a beloved, extended family in a close knit, small community. My grandmother had a Portmeirion tea-set, and blue and white Willow pattern plates, which I was completely and utterly in love with from the time I was born. My passion for beautiful floral design and Chinoiserie is a deep seated part of my make-up. I’ve been obsessed with painting flowers since I can consciously remember, and have spent my life researching the original naturalist masters, and honing my skill with watercolours and very fine brushes.

I am devoted to colour, fresh, light, deep and dramatic, colours are everything in my work, and using them in different combinations endlessly inspires me. My aim is to combine all the most beautiful classical elements of design in a fresh new way, so that the result is whimsical, enchanting, and simply wonderful to look at. I am compelled to paint and create, it feeds my spirit and makes me who I am.

I studied Graphic design after school and worked as a designer in London for several years. Eventually, after a stint as a chef at a luxury game lodge, I had my first solo exhibition in Johannesburg, in 2003, which sold out on the first day. Since then I have never stopped painting. My work was exhibited at the Lucy B. Campbell Gallery in Kensington, London for many years, and my original paintings hang in homes around the world.

I am apparently considered the rebel of the Botanical Artist’s Society, as I break their stringent rules by representing flowers with all manner of rock β€˜n roll, decorative elements, instead of sticking to the old-fashioned, scientific format (which, by the way, I have never ending respect for). This I love, as anyone who knows me will testify to my goody-two-shoes personality!

I am a wife and mother of three very busy children (a daughter and boy-and-girl twins), and live in my beloved South Africa, where the light is pure perfection. Juggling painting with being a Mum is a constant, guilt-inducing challenge, but luckily, there’s gin and pink wine! However, I am so grateful to be an artist who cannot keep up with the demand for my work, and to have the opportunity to make my passion into a career.


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